How much of the project will you look after?

  • We will take care of the whole project from start to finish regarding of the size, scale and time it will take to complete.  Design, cost estimation, carrying out of the works, removing any waste and debris in a safe manner will all be taken care, estimation of costs, this will all be taken care of by our experienced team.  We want you to feel completely relaxed about the project without any worry and we will keep you updated every stage of the project.

Will Plans and Drawings be taken care of by you?

  • We can work with local architects, who can then discuss the plan with both parties, you the customer and us the contractors.  They can produce plans and drawings and also apply for planning permission or building regulation on your behalf.  So all parties are kept in the loop.

Will I have to wait in all day when we have organised a site survey or quote?

  • We will ensure that we give you a specific date and time to avoid our customers having to wait in all day, we want to cause as less disruption and misuse of your time as possible.  Where possible we will also notify you as soon as possible off any appointment changes in the unlikely event this happens.

Will I have a contract showing the estimated/projected costs of the project?

  • We provide all our customers with fully detailed and itemised quotations.  We want our customers to be fully informed of the costs and works that are taken out, right down to the smallest detail.  We do this to cover both ourselves and our customers, we want to be able to deal with any problems which may occur down the line, in the unlikely event of any disputes the more detailed estimation given we can always come to a solution for everyone.

 Will you give me an estimated timescale for the job?

  • Every customer is different, which also makes every project equally different.  We understand having works down around the home can be an inconvenience and we want to make sure that this is kept to a minimum but we will never compromise on our quality.

 Will I be given a fixed start date for the work?

  • After you have discussed with us your exact requirements and expectations, we can then give you a start date, typically around one week before we are due to start.  The only thing that could delay works, would be if these are external works and weather could mean we may need to delay work.  But we will always keep you fully informed and up to date.

 Do I have to be at home while the project is taking place?

  • This is not necessary, but if you feel more comfortable then of course we are happy for you to stay.  Please be assured that all our staff hold currejnt DBS forms (formally CRB), which can give you the peace of mind that all our staff are fully trustworthy.  We are also extremely proud of the fact that most of our work comes from happy clients which have recommended us, it is therefore a top priority to keep our customers satisfied, feeling comfortable and as stress free as possible.

 Will you keep my home tidy?

  • As said previously we do all we can to keep our customers happy and understanding that you are making improvements on your home we will of course keep it as clean and tidy as possible.  We use dust sheets, carpet protector film which minimises any dust or mess, protecting your furnishings and property.  We also remove any debris and waste in an efficient and safe manner, making sure that you do not have to deal with this hassle.  We will make sure that we leave your home as good as new, finishing all works and leaving all furnishings as clean as before the project has taken place.

Do you provide a guarantee of any of the works taken place?

  • Our guarantee for the works is for 10 years, although manufacturers guarantee will of course vary depending on the manufacturer.

 When do you require payment for the project?

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What happens if I have problems?

  • Our opening hours are XXX, there will always be someone to assist during these times.  If there is a serious problem that you have on the same day, you will of course already have our direct/mobile contact details and be able to contact us.

What do I do if I have a formal complaint?

  • For any complains please feel free to call us and we will deal with as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We want to make sure that all our customers are happy and satisfied.   If we cannot resolve your issue or complaint you can always contact Which? Trusted trader, we use ‘Dispute Resolution Ombudsman’ for dispute resolution. In the unlikely event of a complaint arising and you wish to refer the complaint to them please call 0333 241 3209 or visit:

How do you use, store my personal data?