When it comes to building your home we have all of the experience and expertise you will need.


We are passionate about design, sustainability and quality of construction, we have the skills, experience and creative flair to blend the latest trends in interior styles with practical modern day living.

As important as the design, specification and construction of your new home is the ease of the purchasing process and quality of the after sales support.

Reporting and Cost Control

We will make sure that the with the project plan you also receive a cost plan, which will include all the construction costs.  Our cost plan will include the best possible estimate of expenditure and will also allow for any future running costs.  It will cover all stages of the project and we will use as a reference throughout the process.

We will manage the delivery of the project within the approved budget.  Regular cost reporting will facilitate the best possible estimate of project cost to date, anticipated final cost of the project.  We will make sure you are updated with all of the cost control and reporting on a regular basis.

In terms of reporting, we will submit regular and accurate cost reports to you to keep you well informed of the cash flow and expenditure.   We will make sure that all parties are clear about the meaning of each entry cost in our reporting.  No data will be incorrectly entered or anything made unclear.