large, attractive attic room with wood-burning fireplace


You have a garage, loft or basement that you are looking to develop into additional living space, we can help improve the space that you already have in your home.

Loft Conversions

Providing there is 2.3 metres between the existing floor level and the highest point of your roof, then a loft conversion is a real possibility in your home.

We offer several types of loft conversion and we can take you through all of the possible options for your home. Whether this involves the simple installation of Velux roof windows, building a full height dormer or even raising the roof height to make an even more effective use of your space, your loft conversion will result in a light, bright and airy room for your family to enjoy.

Our complete project management service takes the worry out of planning and overseeing your loft conversion project. From the very beginning, We will be there to assist you.

We will ensure that work is carried out to the highest standards with minimal disruption to you and your daily routine. Beyond the structural works, we will also take care of your plumbing and electrical needs and our highly skilled tradesmen will be on hand to complete plastering, roofing and joinery work.

Garage Conversions

There are a few options for garage conversions, we can install windows into your garage that you may already have, giving you a brighter, lighter and more enjoyable space.  Or whether you are looking to transform your garage into a new living space adding to the space in your home.   We can advise and guide you throughout the project.

Basement Conversions

Our basement tends to be an area in the house that we tend to forget, or use for hoarding instead of maximising the space.  What ever your purpose or use for this area we can make it either more accessible, damp-proof storage area, keeping it as fully functioning for storage.  Or again you may want to create additional space to add to the home.  Whatever you need, whatever the purpose we are there to help.

We pride ourselves on working considerately around your family, with minimal disruption guaranteed throughout your project.